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Preserving the Best of Independent Pharmacy

Pacific Pharmacy Group

Pacific Pharmacy Group was founded to preserve independent community pharmacies and the valuable services they provide. Our family of pharmacies is dedicated to serving the healthcare needs within the community.





Pacific Pharmacy Group (PPG) strongly believes that the healthcare of a community is better served by pharmacists and healthcare providers who are committed to their communities, who not just work in those communities, but live there, send their children to the same schools, get involved and establish long-term roots. These pharmacists and healthcare professionals add something special to the community’s healthcare by taking the time to get to know the patients, their families and their doctors. And since independent community pharmacists work full-time in the same location for years, patients know who they will see when they enter an independent community pharmacy – the most trusted professional in America, their pharmacist.


Pacific Pharmacy Group was founded to provide an opportunity for independent community pharmacists to join together, helping them to remain competitive and continue to provide the exemplary personal service their dedicated patients value and appreciate.


Our family of pharmacies is dedicated to serving the healthcare needs in each of our communities.


Our Locations

Newport Lido Pharmacy is located directly across the street from Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, California. The pharmacy is located on the first floor of a two‐building 130,000 medical office complex in a suite with 1,075 rentable square feet. Formerly owned by Hoag Hospital, the pharmacy has a reputation for providing the highest quality healthcare. Newport Lido Pharmacy opened in 1986 and been serving the 80+ physicians in the two medical buildings for close to 40 years.

Orange Plaza Pharmacy is the exclusive provider of retail pharmacy services for the 78,000 square foot cancer center and 130,000 square foot St. Joseph Medical Tower in Orange.  Located directly across the street from world-renowned St. Joseph hospital and Children’s Hospital of Orange County, Orange Plaza provides  comprehensive services, including oncology support medications, wellness items, durable medical equipment.


In addition to giving back to our communities, Pacific Pharmacy Group offers an exciting opportunity for pharmacy students interested in learning more about independent pharmacy practice.


Currently Pacific Pharmacy Group hosts three pharmacy residency programs geared to help post-graduates master the art of independent pharmacy.


 1010 W. La Veta Suite 130

Orange, CA 92628

Phone: 949-674-3276

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